Getting Closer to Real 4G

Yesterday Qualcomm announced that there new HSPA+ chipset with download speeds up to 84Mbps, should be making its way to T-mobile phones sometime next year. Although it does not meet ITU’s specifications for 4G (which is a maximum download speed of 100Mbps for mobile devices and a 1Gbps for fixed devices and currently no network supports true 4G) 84Mbps beats every existing technology in the market… even Roadrunner. The next Chipset in the works is 168Mbps, which should put HSPA+ on the actually 4G list.

Although many believe that the “4G” services offered by Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc, the truth is that none of their mobile broadband technologies meet the specifications of true 4G. For more information follow the link bellow:

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This is why I love Technology.

Harvard University and the MITRE Corporation have just created the world’s first nanoprocessor. Nanotechnology has been in the works for about Fifty years; however this is by far the best achievement yet. The size of the chip is less than a mililmeter square and is fully scalable. I can’t wait for the day where you got to the store to buy a processor that has 1,000 cores and is the size of a penny lol.


The FDA is working on a new program that will allow special technologies like this “Modular Prosthetic Limb” (shown in the picture above) designed by John Hopkins University, which will speed up the approval process. Currently the program is under review, but I hope it’s approved.

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So… Who’s making the switch?

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1994: “What is the Internet anyway?”

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Hp/Palm = not so interesting

This morning was the HP/Palm press event, which I followed on the live blog from Engadget. They released several items like a new phones, a tablet, and new version of WebOS. Both the devices and OS looks promising; however it looks like they just combined some of the iOS and Android (even some Windows Surface) features to create the new WebOS platform.

What I found most interesting about this press conference is the absence of the Palm logo. Hp Acquired Palm early last year and it now appears to have swallowed the company whole. If it weren’t for WebOS and Pre3 you would hardly notice that Palm was a part of this conference.

Overall, I was expecting much more from HP/Palm. Although the products they plan to release look very promising it just did not seem like anything new. Check out the link and see for yourself.


Jailbroken Ipod touch = good stuff

During the Super Bowl I downloaded the new jailbreak by greenpois0n, which is the first untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1. It took me a couple of tries, but eventually it was a success.


For thos lucky few with a Cr-48 (if any)

So, if you were able to be a part of the google chorme os pilot program and received a Cr-48, How do you like it so far? I hope that I will get a chance to sample the device and os myself, but no luck as of yet.


So, I’m sitting at Ala Moana and I have just come to realize that this mall lacks in the technology department. Out of the hundreds of stores here, there are only about 5 that actually sell tech gadgets.


Damn you Motorola Xoom

I was really looking forward to the release of this tablet… but with an $800.00 price tag, I don’t things are looking so good for this product. This makes me wonder what the price point for the LG slate is going to be…